Copper and Cask

Distiller: MGP

Release: 2022

Whiskey: Bourbon

Region: Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Price: $50.00

Proof: 114.2

Age:  5 years

The Barrel Cellar Score:   87 Points

Review Date: 03/29/2023

About the Bourbon: Any bourbon connoisseur knows MGP distilling. MGP has been distilling since 1847, they are probably best known for distilling, aging, and selling various bourbon and rye whiskies to brand name producers. MGP isn’t just a high-volume producer, they put out unique and high-quality whiskies; Copper and Cask is an example of that.

The bottle I’m reviewing today came from a single barrel that was hand selected for the Copper and Cask brand. It is the first Copper and Cask bourbon whiskey I have had any experience with.

Color: Copper

Nose:  Pipe tobacco, smoke, honey, and toasted coconut.

Palate: Fig, butterscotch, black pepper, and green apple.  Drop a couple cubes in and citrus notes, emerge, alongside hints of eucalyptus.

Finish:  Orange and lemon zest, oak, tootsie rolls, and plentiful black pepper.

Assessment: Copper and Cask introduces itself to your palate with a spicy punch. It serves as a bit of a surprise, as the nose has soft and sweet notes, with little to no hint of alcohol. Following the spicy punch, is a nice creaminess complimented by an infusion of butterscotch goodness. You won’t go wrong imbibing in this full-bodied bourbon neat, but I find I prefer it with a large ice cube, which results in the addition of a little sweetness and more creamy notes.

While every single barrel batch of whiskey will be different, Copper and Cask is an enjoyable drink and a fair value at around $50 a bottle. For those who like to collect different bottles, you will do right to add this to your collection. There is, however, nothing about it that sets it apart from the ever-growing list of bourbon offerings in its price range.

The Barrel Cellar gives Copper & Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey 87 points.

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