Larceny Barrel Proof C921

Distiller: Old Fitzgerald

Release: 2021

Whiskey: Larceny Barrel Proof C921

Region: Bardstown, Ky

Price: $55.00

Proof: 122.6

Age:  6-8 years

The Barrel Cellar Score:  93 Points

Review Date: 02/21/2023

About the Bourbon:  From the bottle – John E Fitzgerald was a treasury agent, who at the time, was the only person legally allowed to carry keys to the rick houses.  He often gave in to temptation and freely took from the best bourbon and barrels – uncut at barrel proof.  

Today, you can taste this liquid in much the same way.  Larceny “Barrel Proof Small Batch Bourbon” is made from a mingling of 6- to 8-year-old Bourbon that is bottled uncut and without chill filtration.  This bourbon honors both the superb taste of this lawless treasury agent and the wheated Bourbon legacy of the Old Fitzgerald brand.

Color: Rich Maple

Nose:  Apricot, cream soda, honey grahams, and chocolate mousse.

Palate: Butter cream, toasted almond, fresh oregano and black pepper.  Drop an ice cube in and the creaminess takes on some caramel notes and some bright berry flavors emerge as well.

Finish:  Sustained, heavy creamy notes with hints of fig, fresh berries, tobacco and spicy pepper.

Assessment:  Decadent creamy notes intertwined with hints of fresh berries, and a silky mouth feel conjure comparisons with a desert in a glass.  Bourbon like this will get a man in trouble.  The proof is high, but any heat presents itself with nice spicy notes at the end rather than a 5-alarm fire scorching your taste buds; each sip will make you want another, and another, and another.

The bourbon has layers of depth to it,  think graham crackers, covered in high quality, French cream, topped with fresh raspberries.  The peppery notes on the back-end add contrast to the sweetness in a manner that I think a high-end pastry chef would be impressed with.  

This was my first Larceny Barrel Proof (although I have a subsequent batch waiting for a future review).  All batches will be different, but c921 is a winner.  The Barrel Cellar gives it 93 points.

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