Larceny Small Batch

Distiller: Heaven Hill
Release: 2021
Whiskey: Larceny Small Batch
Region: Bardstown, Ky
Price: $25.00
Proof: 92
Age: 6 years
The Barrel Cellar Score: 92 Points
Review Date: 4/04/2022

About the Bourbon: Old Fitzgerald is the distilling company behind Larceny Small Batch bourbon, but it should be noted that Heaven Hill has owned the distillery since the late 90’s.

Larceny is a wheated bourbon. “Wheaters” have become quite popular as of late for their soft and sweet notes; Larceny is known to have a larger percentage of wheat in its mash bill than its competitors who use similar mash bills. Additionally, a $25 price tag puts it at a price advantage when compared to many of the better known wheated bourbons as well.

The bottle I’m reviewing today is the first Larceny bourbon I have tried, knowing its reputation among my friends, and my preference for wheated bourbon, I was expecting great things.

I enjoyed the whiskey for this review using a set of Prestige diamond whiskey glasses.

Color: Copper

Nose: Honey and a hint of cinnamon

Palate: Homemade caramel, earth, milk chocolate, and oak. Drop a couple of cubes in and notes of orange zest emerge.

Finish: Short lived with notes of butterscotch, caramel, honey, and cinnamon.

Assessment: Larceny barrel proof is a full bodied, coating, yet mild dram. It’s got some great sweet notes, and a silky-smooth nature to it. It’s well balanced; there isn’t much heat or spice, and it is generally mild in it’s demeanor. Drinking this particular bourbon makes me feel a bit like a child in an ice cream store with dad’s wallet; with every sip, I find myself craving another taste of some very decadent vanilla and caramel notes.

From a value perspective, at around $25 dollars a bottle, this should be a go to bottle for those on a limited budget, new bourbon drinkers, or those who want something different yet inexpensive to share. It brings favorable comparisons to the higher priced yet fantastic Makers Mark store pics. This is a fantastic value buy.

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Considering both value and quality The Barrel Cellar gives Larceny small batch 92 points.

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