George Remus Straight Bourbon

Distiller: George Remus Distilling Co

Release: 2020

Whiskey: George Remus Straight Bourbon

Region: Louisville, Ky

Price: $40.00

Proof: 115.9

Age:  ~4 Years

The Barrel Cellar Score:  86 Points

Review Date: 11/15/2021

About the Bourbon:
From the bottle; “From Apothecary to Kingpin, George Remus created one of the most intricate, successful bootlegging operations of Prohibition. With each Single Barrel holding its unique flavor secrets, George Remus Bourbon captures the rebellious flavors of the Prohibition era. Perfect for the speakeasy or liquor cabinet.”

I enjoyed the whiskey for this review using a set of Prestige diamond whiskey glasses.

Color: Amber

Nose:  Cinnamon, honey, pastries, and brown sugar.  

Palate: Peanut brittle, vanilla, hints of coffee beans, and leather. Drop a couple of cubes in and notes Red Hot candies, cherrywood, and nutmeg emerge.

Finish:  Baking spice, cherrywood, leather and oak.

Assessment: This bourbon isn’t shy, the proof is right up front and provides an initial punch of spice. The light to medium body initially offers little to keep the proof from being a dominant palate factor.

The nose proves to be the star with this bourbon, with notes of strong notes of pastry, which conjure images of being in a French style bakery. The flavor profile is that of a classic bourbon, some oak, some leather, some spice, as well as some nuttiness. If you like a hot bourbon, you will love this one, but I found it to be more approachable served on the rocks.

The Barrel Cellar gives George Remus Straight Bourbon 86 points.

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