Buffalo Trace

Distiller: Buffalo Trace (Mash Bill#1)

Release: Ongoing

Bourbon: Buffalo Trace

Region: Frankfort, Kentucky

Price: $23

Proof: 90

Age:  No age statement (Likely 8 years)

Glass: Tumbler

The Barrel Cellar Score:  87 Points

Review Date: 11/06/2020

About the Bourbon: Buffalo Trace Distillery makes excellent bourbon and their namesake Bourbon has been around since 1999.  Buffalo Trace comes from their distillery’s low rye mash bill. This bourbon’s popularity has risen quite a bit over the past few years and bottles are becoming harder to find for some. At MSRP of $23-26, this bottle’s price often gets marked up.

Color: Golden Amber

Nose:  Vanilla and caramel 

Taste:  Warm and pleasant mouth feel. I get a vanilla taste right away with notes of honey, sweet corn and caramel.  

Finish: This is where Buffalo Trace excels. The finish is long and smooth with lingering notes of delicious caramel sweetness. 

Assessment: Buffalo Trace is an excellent entry bourbon for beginners and an every day sipper for seasoned veterans. A real “bang for your buck” bourbon that has some nice complexity to it.  This bourbon is smooth and has a great finish. What Buffalo Trace delivers at this price point solidifies it as a staple on my shelf. I think Buffalo Trace outclasses most others in its price range and if you can find it for MSRP it’s good bottle to pick up. 

Buffalo Trace is good bourbon. 87 Points.


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