Stagg JR

Distiller: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Release: 2019

Bourbon: Stagg JR

Region: Frankfurt, Kentucky

Price: $49.99

Proof: 132.3

Age: Around 10 years

The Barrel Cellar Score:  92 Points

Review Date: 11/30/2019

About the Bourbon: Named after George T Stagg, a Kentucky Bourbon Pioneer, this bourbon is a younger version of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection’s “George T Stagg” Bourbon. Like its more aged (15ish years) and harder to find kin, Jr is bottled at barrel strength and its proof usually fluctuates with each release. Stagg Jr is made from Buffalo Trace Distillery’s corn heavy mash bill #1, it’s the cask strength and age that sets it apart from other releases that use the same mash bill (such as Buffalo Trace’s namesake offering). You can read our review of 2018’s George T Stagg release here.

I enjoyed the bourbon for this review using a Prestige diamond whiskey glass.

Color: Deep Mahogany

Nose: Brown sugar, vanilla, maple syrup, leather

Taste: Freshly ground cinnamon, tobacco barn earthiness (neat).  Drop a couple of cubes in the glass and orange citrus and vanilla notes emerge. Finish of black pepper, leather, and oak.

Assessment: One look at the proof of this bad boy and you may suspect that there will be some heat to it. Your suspicion would be correct; there is, but this is some full-bodied juice and it carries the heat well. This is definitely a bourbon drinker’s bourbon. It’s full of complexity, character, and spice. While it is well balanced, it’s not an easy sipper. I found myself dropping in a few extra ice cubes before I found my sweet spot with this one. In short, it’s a great bourbon, and is easier to find than it’s big brother” George T,” but it might be a little much for new bourbon drinkers.

Stagg JR bourbon is an exceptional bourbon and a good value at MSRP.  92 Points

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