George T Stagg Bourbon Review 2018

Distiller: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Release: 2018

Bourbon: George T Stagg

Region: Frankfort, Kentucky

Price: $100-$125

Proof: 124.9

Age: 15 years

The Barrel Cellar Score: 95

Review Date: 7/04/2019

Color: Burnt Amber

Nose: Cinnamon, vanilla, apricot preserves, dried fruit, and baking spice

Taste: Cinnamon, leather, cherry wood dried fruits, oak, and a touch of tobacco, Finish rye brown sugar, chocolate covered raisin, and mild oak tannic notes. Slight oily texture.

Assessment: I’ve been trying to find a bottle of George T Stagg for years. This being a fall season limited release, I wouldn’t have expected to find it in in July. However, by a random occurrence of events, including wrong turns and closed establishments (in part due to it being a holiday) my luck turned. I finally got my hands on some July 4th. The timing, I suppose, was a bit of a metaphor for the bourbon itself. While our country was celebrating its independence, filling the air with beautiful firework displays, When un-corked, this bottle of bourbon released fireworks of its own. The 2018 vintage of George T Stagg, a Buffalo Trace Distilling antique collection release is an explosion of flavor and character. It’s extraordinary approachability allows for a wide flavor profile while still retaining the heat you would expect from a barrel strength release.

George T Stagg Bourbon is an exceptional bourbon.  95 Points

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