These Items will Compliment any Bottle of Whiskey you Choose

When I think about whiskey decanters, my thoughts instantly turn to film.  Classic moments in some of my favorites such as Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, House of Cards, Inside Man, the Sopranos, and other iconic films and series feature whiskey decanters.  Why?  They’re impressive, they exhibit elegance, and they keep people guessing as to what is being poured.  He’s pouring a drink out of a beautiful decanter, it must be good stuff; right?

Prestige Decanters was nice enough to send me a decanter and a couple of whiskey glasses to check out.   The decanter is hand blown into the shape of a diamond. It’s crystal clear, solid, and honestly quite enchanting. It is made with borosilicate glass, which is known for its durability and tolerance of temperature extremes; it’s hard to break.  The base is made from red oak – crafted in Kentucky; the whole package truly is a work of art.

My aptly named “Diamond” decanter (pictured) holds 1000ml; plenty of room for a 750ml bottle of whiskey.  I can transfer the whiskey from the bottle with ease and without spills.  The neck of the decanter is sturdy and makes a clean pour, while the glass top fits the bottle perfectly to create an airtight seal.  In fact, the way the top seals without any rubber is a feat of craftsmanship. This really does feel like a luxury item.


While the decanter will catch the eyes of your friends, the “Diamond” glasses will provoke conversation.  The design is practical and unique.  The diamond shape enables your glass to rest at an angle, it’s made not to tip over, to concentrate the bouquet, and to direct it to your nose.  When compared to a classic “rocks” glass the difference is real and it’s quite amazing.  The glasses, simply put, change your bourbon drinking experience. Additionally, the thick glass is quite durable – in similar fashion to the decanter.


You can check out the variety of decanters, glasses, and other goods at Prestige Decanters’ website.  If you use the promo code “BarrelCellar” it will give you 8% off.  If you are a whiskey lover or you know one, you really can’t go wrong here.  I can’t promise it will instantly turn you (or your husband) into a dashing Don Draper, but the whiskey inside might.

Please visit The Barrel Cellar’s new Recommended Products page for more.


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  1. I love the style of the diamond decanter and glasses: they are absolutely stunning to look at and make a great talking point.

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    1. Yes they are! I really was impressed. I was telling a friend earlier today that typically I wouldn’t have thought to buy myself something like this, but having used them now, I would absolutely buy them for me or someone else.

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      1. They would make a beautiful (and memorable) gift, that’s for sure.

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  2. LOVE this review! Not gonna lie, I’m a LITTLE sad that it won’t turn my husband into Don Draper, but he’s pretty dashing on his own, so I guess I’ll make do 🥰

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