Take a Trip to Bourbon Country with Wild Turkey Rare Breed.

Distiller: Wild Turkey

Release: 2018

Bourbon: Rare Breed Barrel Proof

Region: Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Price: $42

Proof: 116.8

Age: Mix 6-12 years

The Barrel Cellar Score: 89

Review Date: 4/23/2019

Color: Saddle Brown

Nose: Raisins, brown sugar, mild oak, and a dusty road

Taste:  First taste (poured neat): Cinnamon, leather, black pepper.  Drop a couple of ice cubes in your glass and tastes of rye, oak, and pencil shavings emerge.  This bourbon has a sustained finish with black pepper, a touch of citrus, and a slightly oily mouthfeel.

Assessment: The high proof of this bourbon is present on the nose. After letting it breathe, some of the other aspects of the nose started to shine and I found there was plenty there to get lost in.  As previously mentioned, this bottle has dusty road on the nose.  This is a good thing; taking in a deep breath, I’m transported to Bourbon country.  I can see trucks transporting barrels and grain down dusty roads and I can feel the warm sun shining down on my face.  One of my favorite aspects of a good bourbon or wine is that aspects of the region in which it is produced are shipped in the bottle and they tell a story.  This bourbon does just that.  Wild Turkey has been making consistently good bourbon for a long time.  Rare Breed is no exception, it’s a solid bourbon and the price point of $42 is more than a fair value.  You won’t be disappointed when choosing a bottle.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Strength Bourbon is a very good bourbon.  89 Points

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