Weller 12 Year Bourbon

Distiller: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Release: 2019

Bourbon: Weller 12 Year

 Region: Frankfort, Kentucky

Price: $40

Proof: 90

Age: 12 years

The Barrel Cellar Score: 96

Review Date: 6/13/2019

Color: Golden brown with an amber hue

Nose: Chocolate covered raisins, leather, nutmeg

Taste: Medium bodied. First taste (poured neat): Cherry, tobacco, and citrus-specifically orange. The finish is sustained with vanilla bean, cherry, and butterscotch. After decanting notes of caramel emerge as well.

Assessment: This bourbon is beautiful. It isn’t sweet, but it leaves you with a satisfaction like what you would receive from enjoying a high-quality desert. This whiskey is silky smooth and soft as can be; it’s a great sipper. I’m more captivated by this beauty with each sip. I’m falling head over heels and I think I might stay up all night with her. While I usually drop a couple of ice cubes for review purposes and to open up a bourbon a bit, in this case there is no need. We’re keeping each other warm tonight and I’ll leave her feeling empty in the morning.

Weller 12 Year Wheated Bourbon is truly memorable. Buy every bottle you find.  96 Points

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  1. This bourbon sounds like a real find, Robert.


    1. It’s good! It’s becoming a rare find as a result unfortunately!

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      1. This is always the problem…

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