Pursuit United Bourbon

Distiller: Various

Release: 2021

Whiskey: Pursuit United

Region: Bottled in Louisville, Ky

Price: $59.00

Proof: 108

Age:  4 + years

The Barrel Cellar Score:  86 Points

Review Date: 11/05/2022

About the Bourbon:  The guys behind the Pursuit United podcast (which is well regarded by many bourbon enthusiasts) have ventured into blending and marketing their own line of whiskies.  Today I’m reviewing their Pursuit United Bourbon.  The hand selected bourbon for this blend came from three un-named distilleries from three different states: Kentucky, New York, and Tennessee (not Tullahoma (Dickel).  The bourbons used in the blend are stated to be non-chill filtered rye and wheat bourbons.  

Color: Rust

Nose:  Toasted sugar, cinnamon, tea leaves, dusty road, and oak  

Palate: Cherry syrup, oak, leather, and un-ripened orange pulp.  Drop a couple of ice cubes in and notes of toffee, peanut brittle, and vanilla cake frosting emerge

Finish:  Short lived with freshly ground cinnamon and cured tobacco.

Assessment:   Like many bourbons, Pursuit United needs some time and fresh air to show its true nature.  The palate on the blend really opens up with time, and you may walk away disappointed if you don’t allow it time to breathe.  

Poured neat – The blended bourbon is full bodied with some “oiliness” to the texture.  The palate feels a bit disjointed with both bitter and tannic aspects which I attribute to “heavy”
oak. Additionally, there is a note of under ripe citrus that sticks out.  

The profile sweetened a bit after adding a couple of ice cubes.  The water from the ice thickens the mouthfeel and it transitions from oily to creamy. Pleasant and complimentary notes of toffee, and vanilla cake frosting emerge as well. The added sweet notes intertwining with the bitter notes result in a brightness that is more often found in a wine than a bourbon.

I really enjoy listening to the Pursuit United Podcast and respect Kenny and Ryan’s bourbon opinions as they have repeatedly introduced me to bourbon’s I might not have otherwise tried.  When it comes to Pursuit United Bourbon however, I feel like they missed the mark a bit, The bitter notes stand out, and the sweet notes are not enough to create sufficient balance.  I know these guys have great taste, hopefully in the future they will have more to work with.  I look forward to reviewing their future blends.

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The Barrel Cellar gives Pursuit United Blended bourbon 86 points.

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