2009 “Maestria” Madiran

Vintage: 2009

Wine Name/Vineyard: Maestria

Wine Category: Red Blend

Grape blend: 70% Tannat 30% Cab Sauvignon

Bottle size: 750 ml 

Region: Madiran

State or country: France

Price: $10.00

ABV: 13.5% 

Cases produced: N/A 

The Barrel Cellar Score:  90 points 

Review date: February 22, 2022

About the Winemaker: This wine is an expression of the Madiran appellation of South-West France. The grapes are hand harvested and only clusters that are found to be of the highest quality are selected. The wine was granted the “Appellation Madiran Controlee” designation which means that the wine must be made with majority Tannat grapes, must adhear to certain aging standards, and of course must be produced in the Madiran region.

Color: Deep Purple

Nose: Licorice, lavender, violet, currant, and the slightest hint of raisin.

Taste: Currant, black cherry, plum flesh, cinnamon, black pepper, and oak.

Assessment: This wine had been sitting in my “cellar” for quite some time, so when I opened it, I could not remember when or how I acquired it. After drinking the wine and writing most of this review, I looked up the average price of this wine and nearly fell out of my chair (no it wasn’t the wine). If you are looking for a value wine, this is it. It’s a $10 bottle that drinks like a $35 or $40 bottle.

The nose is light, with predominant notes of licorice and lavender. The body is light to medium with soft tannins that are well balanced with mild acidity and a mild yet spicy finish. There are some reserved fruit notes that include black cherry and plum. There are no “bold” character notes to the wine, which makes it well suited for pairing with just about anything.

Pairing recommendation:  Various cheeses, Charcoal grilled red meats, or a nice slice of chocolate silk pie.

The Barrel Cellar considers 2009 “Maestria” to be a very strong value buy and rates it 90points.


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