1792 Full Proof Bourbon

Distiller: Barton 1792 Distillery

Release: 2021

Whiskey: 1792 Full Proof

Region: Bardstown, Ky

Price: $55.00

Proof: 125

Age:  7 Years

The Barrel Cellar Score: 90 Points

Review Date: 08/22/2021

About the Bourbon: 1792’s producer Barton Distillery is part of the Sazerac family of distillers. It is my opinion that sharing a parent company with Buffalo Trace has allowed it to inherit some hype, but prior to this review I hadn’t had the opportunity to try any 1792 release (or judge it fairly), so it was time. Fortunately, my first experience is a full proof offering, which in my mind means not only high alcohol, but full flavor too.

I enjoyed the whiskey for this review using a set of Prestige diamond whiskey glasses.

Color: Golden Brown

Nose:  Vanilla frosting, ethanol, honey, and oak.

Palate: Peanut brittle, cherry wood, fresh mint, and banana nut bread. Drop a couple of cubes in and the palate starts to match the nose with notes of vanilla cake frosting, oak, toasted sugar, and the slightest hint of cucumber.

Finish: Sustained with notes of fresh mint and oak.

Assessment: The first thing I noticed about this dram, is the proof shows on the nose, with strong notes of ethanol. Once it has a chance to settle in the glass a bit, notes of vanilla frosting emerge and never seem to fade. On first sip two strong character notes emerge, it is light in body, and has an almost “crisp” mouthfeel. The bottle gets better after having some time to air out, so I recommend opening your bottle with the intent of drinking it over time rather than on a night when you will be sharing it with many. Time to decant really is an important factor here, Once it opens, it really is a nice sipper. The bottle appreciated about 4 points over the four week period between the time I opened and when I reviewed it.

The Barrel Cellar gives Barton’s 1792 Full Proof 90 points.

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