Cambridge Meritage

Winery: Cambridge

Vintage: 2012

Wine Name/Vineyard: Meritage

Wine Category: Meritage

Grape blend: Bordeaux Style Blend

Region: North Coast

State or country: California

Price: $22.00

ABV: 13.8 %

Cases produced: N/A

The Barrel Cellar Score:  85 points

Review date: October 11, 2020

About the Winemaker: Cambridge Cellars sources its grapes from around the North Coast of California. The name Meritage describes a Bordeaux (white or red) style wine that is produced outside of the Bordeaux region of France. So this wine is not only a blend of grapes, but it’s from a blend of regions, and it’s made from a blend of wine making styles (French and American of course).

Color: Persian Plum

Nose: Red apple, strawberry, fig, and oak.

Taste: Red Apple, Strawberry fruit roll-up, eucalyptus, with black pepper and oak on the finish.

Assessment: Cambridge Meritage has a nice nose and a nice palate. The sustained finish with spicy black pepper is particularly nice.

My overall impression is that the wine is disjointed. The full body this meritage offers isn’t befitting of the the rest of the profile; the wine coats your mouth, but the coating leaves more of an impression than the flavor does. There is a reserved (Oak) tannic presence, but the wine could benefit from a touch more acidity. Additionally, the texture leaves much to be desired.

Drink now.  

The Barrel Cellar awards Cambridge California Cellars 85 points.

Pairing recommendation: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.


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