Willett Pot Still Reserve

Distiller: Willett Distillery

Release: 2020

Bourbon: Willett Pot Still Reserve

Region: Bardstown, Kentucky

Price: $50.00

Proof: 94

Age:  8 years

The Barrel Cellar Score:  88 Points

Review Date: 03/19/2020

About the Bourbon:   The bourbon I’m reviewing today is Willett Pot Still Reserve.  Willett Distillery is located in Bardstown, the center of the bourbon universe. The small distiller is holding their own among the other heavy hitting bourbon producers in the area. They make two namesake bourbons and one rye (which is produced and sold at different ages). Willett’s focused approach to producing whiskeys has paid off when it comes to quality.  Willett Distillery continues to build a reputation as a favorite of bourbon connoisseurs.

I enjoyed the whiskey for this review using a set of  Prestige diamond whiskey glasses.

Color: Copper

Nose:  Cocoa nibs, crushed peppermint, green apple, dill spice, and dried hay.

Taste: dill spice, spun sugar, iced tea, cinnamon sticks, cayenne, and jalapeño pepper.  Drop a couple of cubes in and notes of corn bread and butter cream emerge.

 Finish: Medium to short finish, pepper spice, and vanilla cream.

Assessment: Willett pot still reserve stands out on the shelf.  Its bottle is quite unique and appears to be designed to look like a still.  Honestly, I must have walked past a bottle a hundred times before buying one.  I often shy away from flashy bottles or labels whether drinking wine or bourbon for fear that I’m paying for marketing rather than quality.  Eventually word of mouth, reviews from trusted online sources, and personal experience with the Willett Rye (4 years) convinced me to buy a bottle.  I’m glad I did, I’m really finding an appreciation for the plethora of flavor notes it offers. Additionally, the age on the juice has resulted in a well-balanced and smooth textured bourbon, although, it is obviously rye heavy.  Finally, at $50 a bottle (atleast where I shop) Willett Pot Still reserve is a great value for a quality bottle of whiskey.

The Barrel Cellar gives Willett Pot Still Reserve is a very good bottle of bourbon. 88 points.

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