Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey

Distiller: Heaven Hill Distillery

Release: 2019

Bourbon: Rittenhouse Rye

Region: Bardstown, Kentucky

Price: $19.99

Proof: 100.0

Age:  4 years

The Barrel Cellar Score:  86 Points

Review Date: 01/21/2020

About the Bourbon: Rittenhouse rye is a “Pennsylvania style” rye whiskey named after Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse square.  It is produced by Heaven Hill Distillery, who is perhaps one of the most storied distillers in Kentucky and bottled in bond.

I enjoyed the whiskey for this review using a set of  Prestige diamond whiskey glasses.

Color: Amber

Nose:  Cinnamon, cherry, oak, and Vanilla.

Taste: Red pepper, dill, crushed peppermint, and sweet cream (neat).  Drop a couple of ice cubes in the glass and leather and toasted sugar emerge.

Assessment: The rye is bold in this bottle.  The spiciness of the rye is up front with flavor notes of dill and freshly baked rye bread.  That’s not to say that Rittenhouse is one dimensional.  In fact, it offers a wide variety of flavors, as well as a touch of sweetness.  I find this whiskey to be a bit rough around the edges. Further aging would benefit the “juice” by adding some weight to the medium body and tame the ethanol heat that lingers from beginning to end.  Honestly, having considered the price of this bottle I set my expectations for it quite low.  Rittenhouse Rye is a fantastic value for around $20 and it is a great choice for an entry level rye.

The Barrel Cellar gives Rittenhouse rye 86 points.  It is a good whiskey.


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