The Perfect Holiday Gift, Something From Prestige Decanters

To celebrate a discount deal I have acquired for my readers and considering that some of you might be looking for a Father’s Day gift over the coming days I want to take an opportunity to revisit Prestige Decanters. Use promo code “BarrelCellar” at Prestige Decanters for 8% off at checkout.

First up is the Diamond Decanter and Diamond Whiskey Glasses. The Diamond Decanter is beautiful. It will look great on your bar, liquor table, or counter top. The diamond glasses are both practical and attractive. They are practical in that they’re made not to tip over, they function to concentrate the bouquet of the spirit you are drinking and to direct it to your nose. The diamond shape enables your glass to rest at an angle and their design is sure to be an ice breaker to any conversation.

While personally, I’m partial to the Diamond decanter and glasses, here are some examples of other items Prestige has to offer. Particularly cool is the USMC decanter.

Fantasy football trophy decanter

Prestige’s products really are beautiful; read my complete product review on a couple of the items here.


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