Double Bastard in the Rye

Region: California and/ or Virginia

Brewery: Arrogant Brewing

Release: 2016

Beer: Double Bastard in the Rye

Style: Bourbon barrel aged ale

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 13.5%


The Barrel Cellar Score: 5 Points

Review Date: February 2019

Availability: Special release

Brewer notes: This beer is a close relative of southern charred: Double Bastard Ale’s bourbon barrel bolstered incarnation.  This one is just as mind blowing and intense, yet with elevated spice and vanilla character from the barrels.  Rye whiskey melds mid-palate with Double Bastard Ale’s colossal hop and malt presence, adding dimension to the beer’s already deep, caramel like flavors.

Assessment: Arrogant Brewing took their Double Bastard Ale and aged it in Templeton Rye barrels.  The color of this ale is caramel with a rusted orange tint. Its nose has caramel as well.  This ale has a strong caramel flavor, hints of orange zest, and rye.

With caramel notes in its sight, smell, and taste, as well as a thick body consistent with many barrel aged beers, I was surprised at the lack of sweetness this ale holds.  Everything about this beer points to having a sweet side, but in this case looks are deceiving.  The lack of sweetness points how well balanced this beer is.  It’s a pleasure to drink.  There are still bottles of this floating around.  Take advantage!

Arrogant Brewing’s Double Bastard in the Rye is a truly memorable beer (that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t age a few for purposes of reminiscing). 5 points

Special Thanks:   My friend Kevin O’Neill left this for me to drink and review last weekend.  Thanks Kevin.  I might have to refer to you as my special friend from now on.


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