Single Barrel Review

Distiller: Wild Turkey

Release: 2018

Bourbon: Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel

Region: Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Price: $60

Proof: 110

Age: 9 years

The Barrel Cellar Score: 86 (based on two reviews)

Review Date: 1/30/2019

Color: Saddle Brown

Nose: Reserved nose; vanilla, cinnamon, leather

Taste: Medium body.  First taste (poured neat) cinnamon and leather with hints of cherry wood. The high proof adds heat but doesn’t overwhelm.  Sustained vanilla finish.  Drop a couple of ice cubes in your glass and the vanilla kicks up a notch and a hint of rye comes through.

Assessment:  This single barrel release falls short on character; there just isn’t anything about it that makes it stand out from other single barrel bourbons.  It is however a solid bourbon that holds balance. The price point of around $60 is fair considering its limited release.

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is a good bourbon.  86 points

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